Name: Hamza Mohamed Muftah

University: Sabratha Higher Institute for Science and Technology

Subject area: Education with a major of TESOL

Particular interests:  Teacher Education, Educational Psychology, Social Entrepreneurship, International Cooperation in Education and Digital Literacy

Hamza Muftah is one of the Libyan university partners who has successfully submitted a DAAD application for the “German-Arab Transformation Partnerships” program together with a German partner university.

In the following interview, we will get to know more about his activities with the German universities.

  1. Mr. Muftah, you have been working successfully with German colleagues for several years now. How do you evaluate this partnership?

I have been working with German experts, universities and foundations for around 5 years. During this period, I have coordinated many projects and workshops which were funded by DAAD, Hanns Seidel and GIZ in different fields such as didactic teaching, entrepreneurship, engineering, geography, fine arts and digitalization. All these projects have managed to pave the way for a long-term cooperation between Libyan and German Universities.

Through this joint work and productive cooperation, we have managed to bring experts from German universities, such as the University of Cologne, Technical University of Cologne, University of Leipzig, University of Gießen, European University of Applied Sciences, and academics from Libyan universities to one place where they had the opportunity for establishing a lasting partnership.   In addition, as a response to unprecedented issues due to Covid 19, we have established a new partnership between five Libyan universities, one Tunisian university partner and two German universities. Through this partnership, German and Tunisian partners will provide Libyan university partners with consulting and technical support for the development and practical implementation of effective digitalization strategies to maintain teaching operations in crisis situations.

Through this partnership, we have helped Libyan universities to open channels with German partners to exchange and share expertise and experience in many areas. I do believe that this partnership will definitely advance the education system in Libya and found a fruitful cooperation between Libya and Germany.

  1. In March 2021 you had the idea of ​​offering a first hybrid information event together with the DAAD at the Libyan Academy. What were the reasons for organizing such an event and how was the feedback of the participants?

As you know, the Tunis branch of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has been active in Libya since 2015 and, since then, you have been working remotely with Libyan universities. As a result, plenty of students and academics have no idea about DAAD scholarships.  From this point, I came up with this idea that would help to increase Libyan students and academics’ awareness of scholarship opportunities funded by DAAD.

So far, few numbers of Libyan researchers and students have applied for DAAD scholarships. However, I do believe that by such hybrid info sessions, the number of beneficiaries from these opportunities will increase in Libya.

Regarding the second part of the question, most of the participants were satisfied with the event. It was their first time to learn more about such scholarship opportunities. They had the misconception that all programs at German universities are solely taught in German. Through the discussion after the info session, it was clear that the participants were excited and motivated to consider DAAD scholarship as an important option for their future study plans.


3. What are you planning in ​​international cooperation for the next few months?

I am planning, in partnership with DAAD, to conduct two hybrid information sessions: one at Sebha University and the other one at Sabratha University. I am also going to coordinate joint activities between German universities and Libyan universities in the field of digitalization and Geography.

The DAAD Office Tunis is offering an information event on May 26th, 2021 on studying and doing research in Germany. All Libyan students and academics who would like to find out more about Germany as a study and research location are encourouged to participate.

More information and registration link: Online Seminar for Libyan Students