Obtain information and advice on studying and conducting research in Germany online using your own PC or smartphone.

To calendar: Online Seminars

The DAAD Regional Office Tunis offers virtual events in the form of online seminars: Presentation, information and advice, live in the Internet and professionally hosted by employees of the Information Centre. The one-hour webcasts are free of charge.

Conditions of Participation

If you want to participate, all you need is a computer with Internet access and loudspeakers or earphones.

In the DAAD online seminars, participants follow the video and audio transmissions of the speaker live via the Internet and can tune into the online seminar via chat if they have questions to ask or contributions to make. You must register to participate.

You also need to download the Adobe Connect tool at first to be able to enter. Here you can find the guidelines how to use the tool: Download: How to use Adobe Connect (pdf, 183.34 KB)

After the seminar, participants have the chance to download additional information material.

Who can participate?

Participation in the DAAD online seminars is free of charge. You can find the link to participate in each upcoming announcement.

Find out about the forthcoming online seminars in this calender:

Online Seminars’ Calendar

No. Date Title
1 19.01.2021 A master’s degree in Germany and the possibilities for a scholarship of the DAAD
Target group: Students
Language: English
2 23.02.2021 International programs in Germany
Target group: High-school graduates, students and doctoral candidates
Language: English
3 16.03.2021 Doing a doctorate in Germany
Target group: Master and Doctoral candidates
Language: English
4 27.04.2021 Scholarship Programs of the DAAD
Target group: High-school graduates, students, doctoral candidates and postdocs
Language: English
5 18.05.2021 Research in Germany and postdoc opportunities
Target group: Doctoral candidates and postdocs
Language: English
6 24.08.2021 Application for a DAAD scholarship: My way through the portal
Target group: architects, artists, doctoral students, post-docs
Language: English
7 01.09.2021 Information seminar in cooperation with Sabratha University.
8 23.09.2021 Virtual Fair
9 26.10.2021 Study in Germany
Target group: High school graduates, students and parents
Language: English
10 23.11.2021 Online university presentation with Pforzheim University
11 December 2021 Virtual Fair (Focus Africa)

Annotation: The calendar may change due to unexpected circumstances.