DAAD-Lektors as mediators between university systems.

With support from the DAADS, lektors teach German and German as a foreign language at numerous universities around the world. The impart up-to-date specialist knowledge and a modern image of Germany. They can also be addressed in questions of study and research in Germany and they engage in cultural policy issues. The DAAD supports lectureships at various Moroccan universities.

In Morocco, the DAAD currently sponsors the following lectureships:

Université Mohammed V de Rabat

Michael Alszer

Université Mohammed V de Rabat
Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines Bâtiment D – Bureau 2
10000 Rabat
Madinat Al Irfane


Please send an e-mail to get a consultation by the DAAD Lektor.

Université Moulay Ismail Meknès

Ursula Heming 

University Moulay Ismail
Marjane 2; B.P. 294  Meknès, Morocco